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Yorkshire Traditional Ice Cream 

Thorntons Lollies Ltd. Ackroyd Street, Morley, Leeds, LS27 8PZ Tel. 0113 238 0593

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Did you know that ice cream was invented in China, and the idea taken back to Italy by Marco Polo?




We supply our range of products to wholesalers. Our wholesalers cater for several different market sectors.

Whether you supply retailers selling ice cream in cones, retailers selling our one litre tubs and other products from freezers, the restaurant trade, or local ice cream van vendors, we should be able to help. We deliver pallet drops to wholesalers.

Visit our main products page to see our range. Our philosophy is to supply you with a quality product at the right price. This will enable you to sell a product that your retailers' customers will enjoy, at a price they will be happy to pay again and again, whilst retaining an excellent margin for yourself and your retailers.

Let us know your quantity requirements, and we'll quote you a price - just contact us.


Home | Main Products | Supermarkets | Retail chains | Wholesalers | Retailers | Ice Cream vans | Other Products | Contact/ Location

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